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The non-stop evolution in Satellite News Gathering and Satellite Transmitting

Satellite News Gathering & Satellite TransmittingThe non-stop evolution in satellite news gathering and satellite transmitting can mean it is difficult for local business owners to keep track with all of the latest developments and the introduction of new satellite equipment. The satellite news gathering and satellite transmitting world is always evolving with new equipment and methods being constantly identified, which can mean that if local businesses are not keeping track, they can fall behind their competitors and as a result their business suffering.

In the past, developments with satellite news gathering and satellite transmitting were not as evident. This meant that companies were able to keep track with the latest technology more easily and therefore most companies were on a more even footing in terms of the technology being used.

There is now constant changes and developments with satellite news gathering and satellite transmitting. Companies now need to know when possible new technology could become available and how it could be of specific use to their needs and requirements. This can be a difficult task because new developments and technologies are being realised all the time and attempting to keep up with their competitors, even though being imperative, can be a struggle.

This blog will allow companies to monitor all of the latest news on satellite news gathering and satellite transmitting as well as being kept informed of any latest technologies or facilities that are being introduced so companies can keep up with the latest trends in the industry.

NAB Show – Las Vegas

NAB Show

If you’re planning on traveling to the NAB Show in Las Vegas this year we have some interesting news for you.

In case you didn’t know the Nab Show is the largest electronic media show and takes place in Las Vegas.

The NAB Show encompasses a wide range including filmed entertainment and the development, management and delivery of content across all mediums according to the statement on their website.

As an attendee you will know that it is the transportation from your hotel that can be a pain so you will be pleased to know that one company in the Satellite News Gathering industry has laid on free limo’s for attendees of the Nab Show.

This is an incredibly large show which is attended by more than 93,000 Attendees from 156 countries and 1,550+ Exhibitors so for anyone involved in content creation this is a well known show well worth attending.

When it comes to exhibitions this large one of the problems you could encounter would be finding the vendors you need to visit which is why the exhibitors have been grouped into 8 clear niches resulting in similar technology’s and solutions being grouped together.

NAB 2014 Show Layout

The various sectors are:

  • North Hall – Management & Systems
  • North Hall Meeting Rooms – Meeting Rooms
  • Central Hall – Acquisition & Production
  • Outdoor – Outdoor Mobile Area
  • South Hall Lower – Post Production & Display Systems
  • South Hall Upper – Distribution & Delivery & Online Video

Without a doubt The NAB 2014 Show has a lot to offer with hundreds of vendors no matter what sector your business works in with plenty of meeting rooms available to ensure everyone can communicate and get business done.

And of course, don’t forget the cool offer of a free lift in the limo provided by Quicklink, the UK based company who provide solutions for those in the satellite news industry and all live media streaming and recording.